Recruitment Process

Once we receive above mentioned documents then we start our recruitment process.

For certain positions, short listed candidates will be scheduled for testing. The most common type of testing we do is in Different Trades, such as Mason, Shuttering Carpenter, Steel Fixer, Electrician, Surveyor, etc (see the Jobs Option). This is done for all positions at different trade test centers. Other types of testing may be administered, as required, for different positions.

Other assessment methods may be used in the selection process. For example, candidates for an Instructor position may be asked to prepare and/or deliver a lesson plan, allowing the panel to assess candidates’ instructional abilities. Short listed candidates are advised of the steps in the assessment process at the outset.


Candidates, who have successfully completed testing, if required, are invited to attend a interview before the panel of Employer, which is led by the hiring supervisor. Interviews are predominantly Behavioral-based, meaning that candidates are asked to draw on their specific experiences in responding to questions pertaining to the job.


During the selection process, candidates are asked to provide employment references. References will be checked for those candidates who are still being considered at this stage of the selection process. References are only contacted with the candidate’s permission. (Mostly it is skipped)


Once a decision has been reached, all candidates are advised of the outcome. The selection process is thorough, and can at times, seem lengthy. We believe that the time invested at this stage to ensure the best possible fit will be beneficial to the Employer, and to all those who participate in the process. We do our best to keep in touch with all candidates throughout the process and inform them of outcomes as soon as possible.